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"HELP US TO KEEP PRICES AS LOW AS POSSIBLE by ordering Tony's portable chiropractic tables directly from this website. Every portable chiro table our customers purchase directly from this website helps me keep our prices as low as possible. Since 1987 when I started making Tony's portable chiropractic tables, tuition has gone up and up, but I've managed to keep my prices virtually the same. One of the ways that's been possible is by allowing customers to purchase directly from us.

So, if you are considering purchasing one of my portable chiropractic tables, I ask that you help me continue to keep my prices as low as possible by using my website to place your order. In return, I promise that, not only will you and other students continue to get my fairest pricing, you'll also get my personal attention if you need assistance of any kind with your purchase."

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Tony Vogel, D.C.
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A Bit About Tony Vogel, D.C. and Tony's Tables:
Tony has listened to the needs of students and doctors of chiropractic since he started designing and making his portable, adjustable tables. While attending LIfe College of Chiropractic West back in 1987, he saw there was a need for a portable adjusting table that was comfortable, easy-to-use, strong and dependable, AND affordable. Within a few years, his creative and thoughtful design, the original Tony's Table, became the highest selling portable chiropractic table ever made, and remains so to this day. The popular design of the original Tony's Table has led numerous imitators to try and copy it, but with Tony's team of skilled, dedicated craftsmen, it's never been duplicated, and, unlike some imitators, is still handcrafted in the U.S.A.

With Tony's first-hand knowledge of chiropractic techniques, he went on to design his very popular T2000 Portable Drop Table, the most affordable and lightest 3-drop table on the market. Recently, Tony created his new T-Lite Table which combines the desired elements of being light weight, adjustable in height, and very affordable (this table has since sold out).

For many years, Tony's Tables have been available in more bookstores, catalogs, and online distributors than any other brand of portable chiropractic tables. But Tony also stills sells his tables directly to the chiropractic profession. Contact him by email, telephone or Facebook, and he'll be glad to personally assist you.